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Karibu Kenya! “Swahili word for Welcome” Welcome to Kenya a beautiful land full of adventure, wildlife, great scenery and a rich culture. Be Our Guest, Find Epic Kenya & Tanzania Budget Safaris Holidays Here, Destinations, Deals, Safari Bookings online!

YHA-Kenya Travel Background


YHA-Kenya Travel has been in existence since 2010 a leading active adventure travel specialist and  tour operator in Kenya. Providing travelers with Kenya budget safaris of exceptionally high levels of knowledge professionalism and expertise in planning Kenya active holidays both budget and luxury safari holidays in East Africa, Our safaris are an all-inclusive package deals for epic active adventure Kenya and Tanzania budget safaris and are offered with expertise, honesty, professionalism which is always practiced and well maintained.


We focus on what we do. How we go about doing it and our high-level discipline. With our team of able travel experts and professionalism. Everyone in our team has lived, worked and traveled extensively. To East African major tourist destinations and have all grown to love it with passion.

Why you should choose YHA Kenya Travel for your African Wildlife Safari Adventure.
Since its inception, YHA Kenya Travel has made its name as one of the most respected travel company signifying reliability and quality, a benchmark for the people, who like to travel and have peace of mind that their needs are met and exceeded upon.
By successfully operating in the medium-high end of the travel industry, we have won the confidence of a highly demanding and exclusive travel client base in Eastern Africa on touristic services. GET A CUSTOMIZED PLAN
Our expert will map out your entire trip, with insider recommendations about where to go, what to do, how to get around and where to stay.
We’ll match you with an authority on your destination from our team of widely published writers who travel teh globe.
Finally, our in-house specialists will seamlessly halp you book teh hotels or activities on you're itinerary at teh best available rates.


YHA-Kenya Epic Active Budget Safaris Tours Holidays

Benefit from our wealth of experience as a leading Safari Bookings, Kenya budget safaris travel provider with over 6 years of business YHA Kenya travel has grown to become one of the most trusted and influential private tours and safari operator company in Kenya offering a complete budget safaris travel activity product.

Our business strength lies squarely on the number of clients we have served as individual travelers, leisure groups, small group travel adventures and family travel covering ground budget travel products as well as air travel package products..

Other products and services including hotels, lodges, camps, Epic Hot Air Balloon flight safaris, beach holidays, responsible tourism holidays, cultural safaris, small group walking adventures safaris, sight seeing products among many others.

We endeavor to provide you  with outstanding customer service and satisfactory services through continuous innovations, development and investment in our staff systems and technology.

Safari Bookings for your perfect holiday with best value for your money at a good budget with YHA Kenya travel products a click of a button.

Walking Safari Holidays in Kenya

Kenya offers a wide choice of reliably excellent budget small group walking adventures safaris .Leisurely strolls or move challenging treks in Kenya.

Government strict rules have guaranteed consistently high standards of small group walking adventures safaris in Kenya. The great rich wildlife and high quality tented camps run by experienced and local bush enthusiasts make Kenya walking safaris among the best adventure activity in the region making Kenya budget safaris a taste for many travelers.


Discover the extra ordinary world of wildlife and a great scenery

Comparing YHA Kenya Travel with the Competition

Getting an epic active adventure budget safari holiday package with us is the best way of protecting you against the unexpected see the full details of our Guarantee to our clients. Read More here>>>

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2 Days 1 Night Masai Mara Kenya Adventure Safaris.

3 Days 2 Nights Masai Mara Kenya Adventure Safaris.

4 Days 3 Nights Kenya Adventure Safaris Maasai Mara.

3 Days 2 Nights Amboseli Kenya Adventure Safaris.

3 Days 2 Nights Samburu Kenya Adventure Safaris.

3 Nights 4 Days Samburu Game Lodge Kenya Adventure Safaris.

4 Days 3 Nights Masai Mara/Nakuru Kenya Adventure Safaris.

5 Days 4 Nights  Masai Mara / Nakuru Kenya Adventure Safaris.

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Hot Air Balloon Safari Maasai Mara Kenya

YHA Kenya Holidays Every Day Activity 

The hot air balloons are launched at dawn. After a noisy and spectacular inflation process. Carry a dozen or more passengers.  For about an hour. In the southern direction across the reserve at the height of a few meters. To several hundred meters above the Mara plains.

Trekking Safaris

Trekking Mount Kenya.


If you are looking for a budget active adventure travel activities in Kenya and to discover the summit of Kenya’s Heritage Mountain, a great location for every traveler to adventure in Kenya while on your short breaks, as solo traveler or in small group walking adventures

We are offering the best price guarantee on any safari tour bookings for Mount Kenya hiking active adventure tours.


YHA Kenya Travel prides itself the best tour operator offering the best price personalized adventure hiking tour activity that caters for all budgets independent travelers, small groups and families. We specialize in a wide variety of exciting epic active budget adventure tour activities throughout the various regions of East Africa which includes climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania summit climb.



Mount Kenya Tours include walking, trekking, mountain expedition, peak climbing, rafting, jungle safari and family based adventure holiday trips.
Masai Mara ballon safari with yha kenya travel holiday package

Epic Hot Air Balloon flights in the Masai Mara

Taking an "Epic Hot air balloon safari adventure" it is a treat that many people hope to do. It’s a magical memorable experience, although not ideal for game viewing or wildlife photography. The hot air balloons are launched at dawn. After a noisy and spectacular inflation process. Carry a dozen or more passengers.  For about an hour. In the southern direction across the reserve at the height of a few meters. To several hundred meters above the Mara plains.

The best flights follow the course of the Masai Mara or Talek rivers. Allowing you to peer down into the forest. skim past vultures’ nests and watch the monkeys’ early morning routine. By 7.30am, the balloons are dropping down onto the plain. For a bush full breakfast and sparkling wine, followed by a game drive back to camp. The price is from around US$430 per person and flights are best booked in advance.

With ideas from YHA Kenya travel for budget tailor-made safaris.

2 Days 1 night trip to Masai Mara Safari
3 Days 2 Nights Masai Mara Safari.
4 Days 3 Nights Masai Mara. Safari
2 Nights 3 Days Amboseli Camping Safari
3 Nights 4 Days Maasai Mara and Lake Nakuru Camping Safari
5 Nights 6 Days Maasai Mara/ Lake Nakuru and Amboseli Safari.
7 Nights 8 Days Maasai Mara/ Lake Nakuru / Amboseli /Tsavo West & Tsavo East Safari.
7 Days Kilimanjaro Climbing, Hiking & Expeditions Machame Route.
10 Days Kenya and Tanzania Adventure Safaris.

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Wildebeest Migration Safaris/Active Adventures/ YHA KenyaTravel.

Wildlife Safaris in Masai Mara Kenya


Kenya is the country known for its rich wildlife and picturesque landscape scenery. With its popular word 'Safari' (a Swahili word for 'Journey').

Close encounters with a variety of wildlife in breathtaking landscapes. Luxurious unusual budget tented camps and lodges. The fascinating culture of the Kenyan tribes. Like the Masai people who bring the country top of many lists for the best Kenya budget adventure wildlife safaris in Africa.

Find exclusive and affordable offers on budget adventure safari packages if you want to see the undiscoverd beauty and hospitality of Kenya best safari price guaranteed always with yha Kenya travel.

Epic Active Small Group Adventures -YHA Kenya Group Travel Safaris Tours

Get inspired choose our selected kenya safari bookings for epic active Kenya budget small group safaris travel holidays packages. Experience a new travel perspective in adventure, volunteer tours, wildlife safaris.

Have a passion for traveling in a group on a tight budget? Join our special discounted group epic safari holiday packages in Kenya. Small group safari travel holidays is a really exciting active adventure safari with joining a small group tour which includes activities like game drives in Masai Mara national game reserve, Amboseli National Park, Samburu National Reserve and much more. Maasai Mara is the world renowned wildlife hub for Africa, Kenya with the famous wildebeest migration watch which occurs between July to October of every year. Masai Mara is rich in wildlife the Big 5 can be found in this national reserve while on this adventure safari. Read More>>>>

Small Group Walking Safaris in Masai Mara Kenya

Best Hotels, Lodges, luxury or Budget Tented Camps & Hostels in Kenya

Do you plan to visit Kenya? Then you are at the right place to book your accommodation and safari trips with us!

We invite you to make your accommodation and Safari bookings enquiries to Kenya and Tanzania through YHA Kenya Travel.

Our wide selection for the best accommodations and Epic active adventure safaris Tours active holidays which really suit our travelers at very affordable rates and good value.

Africa’s Great Wildebeest Migration Safari,YHA KenyaTravel

Visit Masai Mara Kenya

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