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                   Kenya Travel Packages - Sightseeing / Activities / Places of Interest

Planning your own Africa travel package? Why not plan a mesmerizing travel to Kenya. Go for a thrilling travel to Kenya matched with exciting Kenya travel safari packages from YHA Kenya travel, a dynamic city like Nairobi is rich in contrast and color has something to offer every traveler. Also find low price Kenya safari travel packages and holiday travel deals for other popular Kenya travel destinations across the country and region.Kenya holiday Packages - Best offers on Kenya safari Tour & Travel packages at YHA Kenya travel. E-Mail us to get you an exciting offer deal for some specified Kenya safari holiday vacation packages & customized Kenya safari packages.

Ready to start planning your Kenya Adventure Holiday?
yha kenya travel mountain Kenya adventures to experience and remember a life time,Mountain Adventures, Hiking Mount Kenya, Climbing Mount Kenya, Trekking Mount Kenya

Trekking with YHA Travel Kenya on Mount Kenya Expeditions
This guide to Mount Kenya is intended as a useful resource for any trekker planning to climb Mount Kenya. For those looking to book an organised trek with experienced guides, full support and private transport from Nairobi, YHA-Kenya Travel offers you the expert advice on when to climb, where to start, what you need to pack for the hike, the best scenic routes, and recommended package  can arrange treks along all the routes, email us for unbeatable quotes

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yha kenya travel adventures hot air ballon safari in Masai Mara Kenya.An exciting flight experience.

Balloon flights in the Masai Mara

Taking a "Hot air balloon safari" is a treat that many people hope to do. It’s a memorable experience, although not ideal for game viewing or wildlife photography. The hot air balloons are launched at dawn. After a noisy and spectacular inflation process. Carry a dozen or more passengers.  For about an hour. In the southern direction across the reserve at the height of a few meters. To several hundred meters above the Mara plains.

The best flights follow the course of the Masai Mara or Talek rivers. Allowing you to peer down into the forest. skim past vultures’ nests and watch the monkeys’ early morning routine. By 7.30am, the balloons are dropping down onto the plain. For a bush full breakfast and sparkling wine, followed by a game drive back to camp. The price is from around US$420 per person and flights are best booked in advance. Book This Tour

Book kenya safari holiday tour package best offer on Masai Mara short break safari
Small group adventure safaris activities walking safaris in Kenya.

Looking to go on a safari holiday to Masai Mara in Kenya?

Book your next safari holiday to Masai Mara Kenya with YHA-Kenya Travel we have a range of African wildlife safari holiday packages for all budgets luxury & budget let us guide you to the perfect holiday where you can relax and enjoy your stay in Masai Mara. 



Walking Safari Holidays in Kenya
Kenya offers a wide choice of reliably excellent walking safaris. Leisurely strolls or move challenging treks in Kenya. Rediscover the spirit of adventure as you explore the magnificent Masai Mara and Laikipia Plateau on foot.
Government strict rules have guaranteed the consistently high standards security of walking safaris in Kenya. The great rich wildlife and high quality tented camps run by experienced and local bush enthusiasts make Kenya walking safaris among the best adventure activity in the region.
Walking safari is a perfect activity for wildlife enthusiasts, professional photographers, adventure travelers, walking and cultural enthusiasts .
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