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                                            Our Services Overview.

When considering to go for an adventure holiday travel in Kenya with YHA travel Kenya tours and safaris.,you will find that adventure travel has much more to offer than regular travel. 
During your adventure travel, there is always a tour operator like us with much experience and knowledge. as well as the technical know how to efficiently  handle the situations that you are engaging in. 
Adventure travel in Africa Kenya is frequent and jam packed with activities for you to engage in. Our budget safaris packages are the testimony for those who have had a chance to sample.

Make a Holiday safari travel activities. that match the adventure safari tour you have select in Kenya.
With a guaranteed travel activity during a regular travel. That is limited to none. while on adventure travel.
We aim to fulfill a trip that is loaded to the brim with adventure! First, before you start making your Kenya adventure travel plans. you must consider how much physical the activity you would like to engage in. For instance, do you want to travel the world and particularly Kenya and see exotic places which entail a low physical impact. or do you want to hike Mount Kenya, Kilimanjaro or rock climb? 

An important aspect of learning how to plan for adventure travel is learning how to  shop around. for great prices on adventure safari tour packages. 
Remember that price does not usually equate to quality. Just because you get a discount on an adventure travel tour. Doesn’t mean that you will appreciate the tour operator!

In short, there is a form of adventure travel for everyone–even you! All you have to do is determine what the words unique and adventure
means to you. Once you have defined what adventure means to you. you can plan an adventure a trip to Kenya or Tanzania that you will live to remember for the rest of your life! In fact, you will even have stories to tell your friends. work colleagues, children, glad children  and family about sights in Kenya! 
For more information on bookings, inquiries and reservations please do not hesitate to 
Contact us now VIA WhatsApp +254722655321


Yha Kenya Travel is the ideal way to spend your vacation in Kenya after a busy work schedule.

Yha Kenya Travel is an adventure travel agency and tour operator a specialist company in Kenya we engage  in planning adventure budget travel activities for holiday makers, like Mountaineering, wildlife Safaris and  Volunteering in Kenya.

Our adventure tour programs are very unique and run through the year particularly to those travelling on a lean budget.

Yha Kenya Travel operated by experts, experienced in travel professionals operating inbound tourism in Kenya and Tanzania while offering a wide range of tour programs in wildlife safaris, mountain trekking, volunteering and lots of other adventure travel activities.

Our experiences in organising and planning safari tours in Kenya extends beyond your expectations our safari vans are reliable well maintained to make your journey to the wilderness fun, comfortable and most important memorable all your life. Most tourists who have had a taste of our adventure safaris will testify the joy of being served by us.

The high degree of expertise, discipline and professionalism as displayed by our able staff has earned us credit to those we have served a true testimony is the reviews posted about us.

Please click on any of the links provided below to choose a package of your choice we hope that you will experience and discover something that every traveller to Kenya will experience as a break away holiday in Kenya and best of Africa safari destinations.

We believe that we are Kenya’s best travel specialist with extensive knowledge and passion for the country as well as a vast network of staff and a well-established travel partnership across Kenya.

With this experience and professionalism at our finger tips we are well placed to tailor make your holiday trip in Kenya, Africa.

Our dedicated team can prepare an itinerary that best suit your travel wishes you name it and we do it just for you!

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