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                                   Nairobi things to see and do

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust / Elephant Orphanage. 

Take a day out of Nairobi's hustle and bustle and head to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Witness and assist with the protection and preservation of Africa's wilderness. Admire the wildlife and the trust as you see and learn about the care for orphaned elephants. and many other animals.

The David Sheldrick National Wildlife Trust is an orphan elephant rescue organization. devoted to conserving East Africa's wildlife and habitats. Founded in 1977 by Dr. Dame Daphne Sheldrick in honor of her late husband. and famous Warden of Tsavo East National Park. David Sheldrick the trust is one of the most successful elephant and rhino rescue programs in the world.

Your day begins with a leisure drive to the trust's animal park outside Nairobi. Home to many orphaned cubs. Witness the care and love the trust has for its baby elephants and rhinos. learning about the conservation of the animal calves and how they were rescued. from all over the country from the poachers who hunted their parents. The calves undergo a variety of special treatments before they are let out into the wilds. of Tsavo East National Park. Meet the 6 trustees who help manage the program.

Trip Highlights

    One of the most successful East African wildlife trusts.

Nairobi National Park is the closest park to the capital. and one of Kenya's most successful

Drive through the park, accompanied by your proficient guide, as you track the big game. Don't miss the opportunity to spot lions and identify birds. From a hugely diverse population. 

Discover the plenty of wildlife on the doorsteps of Nairobi. on a half-day exploration of Nairobi National Park.  See its rhino sanctuary, more than 80 species of mammals. and a prolific bird population. 

Nairobi National Park Tour. 

    A single person may book this tour, but must select and pay the price for 2 travelers to cover operational costs.  

   At least 3 people least required for this activity to take place. 

Trip Notes. 

   Bottled water. 

   Roundtrip transportation to and from your central Nairobi hotel. 

   Admission fee. 

   Guided tour of David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. 

Trip Inclusions.

   Meeting the trustees that run the rescue program. 

   Dedicated care & love for baby elephants & rhinos. 

   In honor of David Sheldrick, a famous National Park Warden. 

   Witnessing the conservation of orphaned elephants & rhinos. 

sanctuaries. Your guide takes you on a comprehensive tour of the park's fauna and flora. Explaining the different species that call it home. as well as the many migratory herbivores that visit during the dry season. 

Trip Highlights. 

   Opportunity to spot more than 80 species of mammals. 

   Rhino sanctuary & prolific bird population. 

   Identifying large game species across the area. 

   Views of Nairobi's skyscrapers from the park. 

In depth & comprehensive tour with an expert guide. 

Trip Inclusions. 

   Guided tour of Nairobi National Park. 

   Admission fees. 

   Roundtrip transportation to and from your central Nairobi hotel. 

   Live commentary  provided in English. 

Trip Notes. 

   At least 3 people required for this activity to take place. 

   Gratuity is not included and left to individual discretion. 

Nairobi Animal Orphanage/Giraffe Centre & Karen Blixen. 

Discover the wild side of the northern reaches of the Serengeti. on this tour through Nairobi Animal Orphanage. the Karen Blixen Museum, and the Giraffe Center. Wave to big cats, break for a delicious lunch and spend some time with an endangered giraffe. 

After a hotel pickup, head to Nairobi National Park. A wildlife haven situated just outside of town. this epic stretch of grasslands hosts lions, cheetahs, leopards, and more than 300 species of feathered friends. Next, stop at a local restaurant to sample authentic cuisine before tapping into your inner novelist via Karen Blixen. 

As her former
 coffee plantation has been converted to a museum. your visit offers an insider’s peek into the actual happenings chronicled in Out of Africa.  From here, it’s off to the Giraffe Center, where you can interact with the endangered Rothschild giraffe. Pet they are long, spotted necks before returning to Nairobi.


   Introduction to African wildlife at Nairobi National Park. 

Trip Highlights. 

discovery of famed author at Karen Blixen Museum. 

Delicious sampling of local cuisine during lunch stop. 

   Close-up visit with the endangered Rothschild giraffe. 

   Limited capacity - maximum 12 people per group. 

Trip Inclusions. 

   Guided tour of Nairobi National Park, Karen Blixen Museum, and Giraffe Center

   Admission fees


   Roundtrip transportation to and from your central Nairobi hotel
    Live tour commentary in English.

Trip Notes. 

   Children 5 and younger are complimentary.

   Check-in is 15 minutes prior to start the booked tour.

Greet your guide, and head off to Uhuru Park, a sprawling plot of land opened to the general public. by Kenya's first president, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta. Pass locals tossing frisbees and picnicking during a stroll to the Parliament House, an iconic landmark. crowned by an

Get to the heart of the magnificent spirit of Kenya's capital city of Nairobi on this walking tour. Explore like a local to discover its distinctive pulse.  Tour  over grand parliament buildings. visit the Mzee Jomo Kenyatta Mausoleum, and enjoy an authentic Kenyan lunch.  

Nairobi City Tour.
clock tower. 

Continue on to the nearby mausoleum a grand circular structure with a pathway flanked by Kenyan flags. to discover where Mzee Jomo Kenyatta was interred in 1978. Afterward, walk to the August 7th Memorial Park, built to commemorate the 1998 bombing of the US Embassy. 

While intersecting this vibrant sector of the city, follow your guide to a local restaurant and indulge in a delicious Kenyan lunch. before concluding your tour with a stop at the Kenya National Archives. home to an impressive 40,000 volumes of text about the country. 

Trip Highlights. 

   Highlights of Nairobi's major sites from a local's view. 

English style
Chance to see parliament buildings & National Archives. 

   Sights include Uhuru Park & August 7th, Memorial Park. 

Delicious regional cuisine served at a local restaurant. 

   Limited capacity  maximum 12 people per group. 

What is

   Guided walking tour of Nairobi. 

   Admission fees. 


   Live tour commentary in English. 

Trip Notes. 

   Children 11 and younger are not allowed. 

   Check in is 15 minutes prior to the booked tour start time. 
Food Lunch or Dinner at Carnivore Restaurant. 

Treat your senses and taste buds to a feast in an authentic African environment. Savor a massive variety of meat the exotic menu includes ostrich, camel, crocodile, and even antelope. accompanied by a rich salad buffet and ample variety of desserts. 

Take part in one of Africa's greatest eating experiences at this world famous meat specialty restaurant. Get picked up from your central Nairobi hotel and travel. just 3 miles (4 km) out of the city to the renowned Carnivore Restaurant, which has hosted over 2 million customers from across the globe. 

Take a seat on the zebra print chairs and savor the atmosphere. as you watch fresh cuts of meat roast on traditional Maasai swords over a large charcoal pit. Observe the constant basting and turning as the meat is prepared to perfection, giving off tantalizing aromas. 

First, you're served the soup of the day along with home-baked bread. Then a sizzling cast-iron plate is placed in front of you. Friendly carvers follow, carrying traditional Masai swords laden with different meats.  slicing off tremendous quantities direct onto your hot plate. Watch and listen to the sizzle before diving right in. 

Enjoy legs of lamb and pork, ostrich, rumps of beef, racks of ribs, juicy sausages, succulent chicken wings, skewered kidneys. and even crocodile. Besides the meat feast, be sure to sample the array of delicious desserts and coffee from Kenya. 

Activity  Highlights. 

   Ultimate feast at Nairobi's famed meat specialty restaurant. 

   Exotic dishes including ostrich, camel, & crocodile. 

   Lavish all-you-can-eat banquet of soup, meats, & desserts. 

   Traditionally barbecued game over a charcoal pit. 

   Comfortable & convenient transfers to and from you hotel
Trip Inclusions. 

   Lunch or dinner. 

   Roundtrip transportation to and from your Nairobi hotel
Activity Notes. 

   At least 2 people are required for this activity to take place. 

   A single person may book this tour. but must select and pay the price for 2 travelers to cover operational costs.  

Nairobi By Night. 

Get to know a new side of Nairobi the colorful culinary scene—on an evening walking tour downtown. Tuck into delicious Kenyan delicacies and sample local brews. as you hang out in favorite local nightspots, handpicked by your expert guide. 

After sunset, the city comes to life with crowds bustling in and out of vibrant eateries and bars. Kick off your tour with a welcome drink downtown. there's an array of local specialties to choose from, including Tusker beer. and tanga wi Zi, a twist on ginger beer. Quiz your guide on life in Nairobi as he. in turn, sets the scene for the evening’s fun. 

Continue to dinner at a renowned restaurant for a great chance to try some authentic cuisine. With your guide on hand to lead
your through the menu. try something new and novel like a savory dish prepared with
mbuzi, or goat. If you're a less adventurous eater, don't worry savory barbecued meats. like succulent chicken and flavorful beef are also available and rich with Kenyan seasonings. To go with your meal, enjoy quintessential Kenyan. sides like ugali, a porridge like dough made with cornmeal. and kachumbari, a refreshing chopped salad made with tomato, onion, and cilantro. 

Finish the evening in style with a nightcap at another of your guide’s recommended locales. Relive the flavors of your meal as you chat with your guide. and be sure to ask for pointers on other places to explore during your time in the city. 

Activity Highlights. 

   After-dark culinary highlights of the vibrant Kenyan capital. 

   Exotic flavors of a tasty & authentic East African meal. 

   Drinks at popular cafés, hangouts & nightlife spots in town. 

guide leads you to locals-only eateries & locales. 

   Limited capacity  maximum group size is 12 people. 

Activity Inclusion. 


   3 beverages (beer, wine, or soft drinks). 

   Transportation between venues. 

   Live tour commentary provided in English. 

Begin your half-day tour with a trip to the Giraffe Center in Nairobi. Admire the valuable work the

Visit a giraffe breeding and conservation program. and learn about one of the rarest breeds, the endangered Rothschild's giraffe. Stroll through the former home of Karen Blixen. the illustrious author of the prominent novel Out of Africa. used in the filming of the Oscar Award winning movie. 

Karen Blixen & Giraffe Centre. 

   Check-in is 15 minutes prior to the booked tour start time. 

   Maximum group size is 12 people. 

   You must be 18 or older. 

Activity Notes. 

acre (49 ha) site. 

Continue to the Karen Blixen Museum, former home of the Danish novelist and author of Out of Africa. The building still houses many of the original furnishings. and some newer pieces donated by the makers of the celebrated film. The museum adds further context to the movie, providing a fascinating glimpse. into East African colonial life in the dying years of the British Empire. 

Trip Highlights. 

   Kenya's wildlife & natural history within Nairobi. 

   Insight into Out of Africa—a famous novel by Karen Blixen. 

   Sets & scenery used in the distinguished motion picture. 

   Effective breeding & conservation center for giraffes. 

   Wonderful opportunity to safely interact with the creatures. 

non profit organization. is attempting to stabilize the rare Rothschild's giraffe population. Learn how over 50 of the striking creatures have been released into the wild.  and see the young calves currently residing in the 120 

Trip Inclusion. 

   Admission fees. 

   Roundtrip transportation to and from your central Nairobi hotel. 

   Live tour commentary provided in English. 

Trip Notes. 

   Children 1 and younger are complimentary. 

   At least 2 people are required for each booking for this activity to take place. 

   A single person may book this tour, but must select and pay the price for 2 travelers to cover operational costs. 

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