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Great source of travel ideas by a spokes person for Kenya safari holidays.

At yha kenya travel we know that you have things you love to do,Places you love to see,cultures you love to engage with and adventures to experience and remember a life time.

We are here to help you do all of them,Not just dreaming about them. We have been doing this since 2010.

NB: You should know that we treat local people with respect and fairness,this pays back by the busket full because we cared for locals,let you get closer to their culture,their people and their nature which is good for them and good for you.

This is what we call Responsible tourism.

If you are happy with this please give us a call or email us,and let us get you that holiday experience you so deserve.

We at YHA Kenya Travel have two types of group adventures available for you. Are you an individual who is looking to join a group? – after all, one can be the loneliest number that you ever knew.

You are a team player, like people and enjoy experiencing life from new perspectives. Unfortunately, none of your friends want to go to Hike Mount Kenya your adventure destination. and take part in walking adventure activity. Unlike other adventure travel companies, we only offer a few selected adventures per year. in this category – but what great adventures they are! Mountain Climbing,hiking,trekking, Walking Safari in the wilderness.

A boat ride in the lakes or other adventure activities. You are already a formed group (church, school, Scouts, university, etc) and are looking for some help. creating the perfect experience for your team. We particularly enjoy working with institutions that are looking for an experiential learning. based adventure There is no better way to learn about the world. and ourselves than through real life experiences. particularly those that lay outside of our current realm of thinking and comfort zones. Together with , you can co create the adventure that will best suit the needs and goals of your team.

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